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Mass of St. Thérèse

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How do you make the accents on the name Thérèse?
Instead of the spelling: T-H-E-R-E-S-E
.............use the spelling: T- H- alt0233- R- alt0232- S- E

To key the alt0233 and alt0232 sequences:
- While holding the 'alt' key press 0233 consecutively on the keypad.
- You must use the keypad on the right side of your keyboard. It won't work on the number keys across the top of the keyboard.
Note: to use the keypad, the 'Numberic Lock' 'Num Lock' must be turned 'ON'.

Laptop users must use the 'FN' key and the keypad located within the keyboard, e.g. 'Alt' 'FN' MKLL and 'Alt' 'FN' MKLK

Maria says you can also use the key sequences: alt130 for é and alt138 for è -- Thanks Maria!

More hot key sequences from Maria...
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Alt/Ctrl C
Alt/Ctrl R
Alt/Ctrl T

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