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Mass of St. Thérèse

Mass with Fr. Moe, Fr. Dan and Victor


At 7:00 p.m. on October 1, 2008, on the first anniversary of the dedication a new shrine, mass was held to celebrate the Feast of St. Thérèse. Mass was concelebrated by Fr. Maurice Charbonneau and Fr. Dan Vere. Fr. Moe sang the full Eucharistic Prayer and gave the homily. The candles at the new shrine have provided constant light over the past year.

The music was accompanied by a string ensemble, of current and former students from Catholic Central Secondary School. The St. Justin's Folk Quartette was joined by a choir of volunteers from various choirs at St. Justin's. The composer, Dan Rutledge, conducted.

Many thanks to all involved and especially to the students and choir who's contribution was both beautiful and sacred.

Over 500 attended the mass.

The following pictures were taken before and after the mass.


Altar and Choir


Carolyn's rose and the Taylor.


Marianne and the choir.


Dan with Brittany, Patrick, Stephanie and Carolyn.


Friends and family from London and Dublin Ontario.


Dan's family with Fr. Moe and Victor.


The Berten family with Fr. Moe.


Fr. Dan with Dan and Marianne at the shrine.


~LS~ Images © 2008, L. Smith, London ON Canada. Used with Permission
~MD~ Images © 2008, M. Debruyne, London ON Canada. Used with Permission
~JR~ Images © 2008, J. Rutledge, London ON Canada. Used with Permission
~/~ Images © 2008, Dan Rutledge, London ON Canada.

Thank you for coming! See you next year!

Hear (MP3) 'Prayer To St. Thérèse'

Dear St. Thérèse, will you please let fall a rose.
A petal of the flower that you shower upon those,
who try to find the 'Little Way', and take the path you chose.
And if we stray along the Way, please send another rose.

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Words & Music © 1998-2001 Dan Rutledge, London ON Canada, (Registered Copyright)